Welcome to the Pet Harmony Blog!

“I’ve never had a pet like this before. I just don’t know what to do.” 

“I’ve tried everything! He’s still biting us.”

“I’m scared for my family’s safety when my dog barks out the window so aggressively.”

“It’s embarrassing when my dog goes nuts on leash.”

“I wish I could have visitors over but my dog lunges at them.”

“I know he needs more exercise but I just don’t have time.”

“Why does my dog do that?”

Sound familiar? These are real statements from real clients and things that I hear all the time as an animal behavior consultant. Helping people and their pets live harmoniously is my passion. I’ve been working in [various parts of] the animal industry for 13 years and seeing people’s love and devotion to their pets never gets old. I’m so lucky to be in a field that I love and to be able to help families work through behavior problems they’re having with their dog or cat. I would love to help even more families with their pets! Thus the Pet Harmony blog is born. 

Each week I’ll be sharing insight about animal behavior and training: questions and topics I get asked about frequently in my consultations, stories from working with pets, questions from you (yes you!), and topics that help pet parents better understand their furry friends. My goal is to create actionable and easy-to-understand posts with a big healthy dose of compassion for not just the animals but ourselves as well. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Now what?

As part of my pledge to create actionable articles almost all posts will have a “now what?” section where I clearly lay out how to apply the information covered. Here’s what’s next right now:

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  • Tell your pet how much you love them. They’re on this journey right along with us.