Online Dog Training Courses & Webinars

Whether you’re looking for a professional dog trainer course or just want to find the best online dog training program for your pet, Pet Harmony can help. Our online behavior modification courses are designed to help you learn key training skills, explore pet behavior modification and even start your own behavior modification consulting business. Explore our training courses for pet parents and professionals below.

Pet Parents

Pet Harmony’s online dog training courses and pet training courses can help kickstart your behavior modification journey at home. Our courses are a great place to start if you’re not ready to work with our pet behavior consultants or simply want to build your own training skills.

If you own multiple dogs, there’s a good chance you’ll have to manage conflict between them. How to Safely Break Up a Dog Fight is one of our best online dog training programs for owners of multiple dogs.


Our online courses for pet trainers and behavior consultants are available to provide key professional development and help you grow your business.

This pet and dog trainer workshop is designed for trainers who want to move their services online. Learn and ins and outs of virtual pet training and discover how to make it work for you and your clients. Whether you want to make virtual pet training your primary service or just want more flexibility, this can help.

In this course for behavior consultants, we’ll share the exact strategy we use to help our pet clients choose flight over fight, reduce reactivity and decrease fighting. You’ll also learn how to turn flight into a life skill that pets can perform outside a training session.

Whether you’re leading a group training class or working with clients who own more than one dog, you’ll likely encounter some conflict among the animals. In this class – one of our most popular online dog training courses – you’ll learn how to safely break up a dog fight.

Understanding puppy development is key to helping clients with dog behavior modification from a young age. Gain deeper knowledge of puppy development in this professional dog trainer course and start applying it to your training practice right away.