Lesley Gurule

Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant


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Lesley Gurule (she/her/hers), is a dog trainer and behavior consultant with Pet Harmony. She thrives on demystifying unwanted behaviors, collaborating with pet parents, and approaching every animal as an individual with unique needs. So if you’re looking for a custom approach to training your pet, Lesley’s one consultation call away!

It all started when she became an active volunteer animal rescue in Brooklyn, NY. Through serving the countless animals at her rescue facility, Lesley nurtured her passion for dog training and working with animals in general. She went on to apprentice with Amanda Gagnon Dog Training in New York then moved to Richmond, VA, where she dedicated herself to her role as an instructor and trainer with multiple rescues and shelters. Since day one, Lesley has held a soft spot for shy and fearful dogs, dogs from shelters or rescues, and puppies.

She understands that dogs need to grow their confidence and sense of agency in order to achieve behavior goals but live more secure and fulfilling lives as well. A happier and more confident pet makes for a happier household in nearly every case she’s had the privilege to work through.

Lesley is a supporting member of the IAABC and a member of the Pet Professional Guild. You can find her hanging out with her rescue dog Tammy, polydactyl cat Chet, and a rotating crew of foster puppies every day of the week.

Kind Words From Happy Clients

“Lesley helped our good boi Kikkoman by showing us training methods to promote relaxation, increase mental stimulation, and encourage more exercise. She is very kind and patient. Highly recommend her!!!”
– Helen Tran


“We rescued a large, energetic pup from a traumatic situation and Lesley has helped us navigate building a loving, caring home for her. She has helped us become the best pet parents we can and we have seen a world of difference in the behavior of our 80-pound Bernedoodle.  She also helped us prepare to welcome our first baby into our home and, with her help, the transition has gone quite well.  So much of what we learned with Lesley involved simple, easy changes in our household and our pup’s environment that greatly improved everyone’s quality of life, including our pup! Lesley is an excellent teacher, and a compassionate listener and I can’t recommend working with her highly enough. ”
– Jamie Lynn


“We have a 3-year-old pit mix who started showing signs of reactivity once he was getting into his “teen” years. We were doing OK managing on our own until our elderly dachshund started exhibiting weird behaviors and he did snap at her, and we found ourselves completely lost and needing big time help. We got Oakley an appointment with Dr. Amy Learn (a behavioral vet in Richmond) who recommended we work with Lesley on the training side of his treatment. I even called Lesley in tears prior to our first meeting and she was so kind and understanding. We were eager to get going with her and she made us feel so comfortable and like we could control our situation. We have had many many many training sessions with her and over time realized that our goal of reunification between Oakley and Sadie wasn’t what our focus should be because Sadie would continue to decline cognitively. We switched our goal to just helping Oakley be more confident and less reactive in situations inside and outside of the home. She taught us some body language we should watch for in Oakley so we can pick up on when he is feeling uncomfortable and what to do in those situations to prevent any reactivity. We worked on his recall and tools to help him completely ignore things that he is normally reactive to. At first Oakley was a bit timid and shy with her but as time went on, he became SO excited to see her every time she showed up. He is so much more confident in himself, and I am a more confident dog owner because of the tools she taught us. Thank you, Lesley! I know you will be an asset to many other dog owners like you have been for us.”
Chelsea Ketron

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