Pet Harmony uses Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) training. This means that we strive to train animals with the least amount of force, pain, fear and intimidation possible. Almost always, that means we don’t use any at all! Because our techniques are based in behavior science, you can rest easy knowing your pet is receiving the most up-to-date training methods which are found to be the most effective, efficient, and empowering for your animal. In addition to helping you and your pet live harmoniously, our main goals are safety and your pet’s mental and emotional well-being.

Every pet is an individual and every household is unique. As such, Pet Harmony strives to learn about you and your pet to create a training plan unique to your situation. We work with you and your pet to find a solution that everyone can benefit from.

Pet Harmony believes in using the most current, efficient, and effective training techniques so continuing education is key. We are regularly combing through new studies, books, and attending seminars to ensure your pet is receiving the best training possible.