Taylor Duffy

Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant


Taylor Duffy (she/they) is a dog trainer and behavior consultant with Pet Harmony. Her love for training animals began when her family adopted a nervous Spaniel named Tyson from rescue. Taylor learned all her early training with him and has been passionate about working with dogs ever since. Nowadays, she works with pet owners to create realistic solutions for their companions so they can live the fulfilling lives they deserve.

Taylor started in 4H when she was 10 and took on leadership roles at the age of 14. When she 13 and 14 years old, she worked for a responsible and ethical breeder of Field Spaniels where she went on to show them in conformation. She also took different dogs from the kennel to agility and obedience training while co-owning on a couple dogs that did Junior Handling. Her main boy was a wonderful dog named Cecil. At this time, Taylor handled dogs and worked for professional handlers in AKC.

After achieving a BFA from BGSUJ for Illustration and Drawing in 2015, she relocated to Chicago. This is where she fostered for PAWS Chicago where she took in anxious german shepherds. Her longest foster was around three months long. She then started at See Spot Run in 2018, became certified in 2019, and has been working behavior cases since!

Taylor values continuing education so she stay up-to-date with the breakthroughs in her field and keep honing her consulting skills so she can deliver the best service to her clients. She took Dr. Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals in 2022 and attended or sat in the Lemonade Conference, Aggression in Dogs Conference, the Metz Conference, and Fenzi courses.

She loves helping pet owners with management ideas, important skills, and silly tricks —all for the sake of creating a fuller life for humans and their animals. Taylor especially loves to work with kids because she believes that figuring out solutions should involve the children in the home as much as the dog.

Taylor lives with her husband, Chance, and the two dogs he convinced her to keep: a pit/lab/husky mix named Ghost, and a border/husky/pom mix named Eden. They also have two cats, Took and Lilith!

Taylor in Action

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