MaryKaye Kendrick

Trainer, Consultant, & PETPro Mentor

IAABC-ADT, CSB-D, Family Paws Parent Educator

MaryKaye Kendrick (she/her/hers) is a dog trainer and behavior consultant with Pet Harmony. She enjoys working with both dogs and humans by meeting them where they are in their educational journeys. She also enjoys attending science-based seminars about animal behavior to advance her skills and so she can use that knowledge to serve you better!

MaryKaye found her way to animal behavior by first working in human mental health and teaching. She graduated from Illinois Benedictine College (now Benedictine University) with a BA in Psychology. After graduation she was a Case Manager for PLOWS Council on Aging which included assessing seniors at risk for mental health/behavioral concerns as well as aiding and advocating for senior citizens who were victims of exploitation and abuse. After her career in social work, MaryKaye started teaching preschool and kindergarten at Montessori Moppet Centre, Inc. where she stayed for 17 years and loved helping kids not only academically but also with their social/emotional growth.

MaryKaye worked and volunteered in animal sheltering since 2011. Her roles include training volunteers/staff, supporting new adopters, as well as evaluating and assessing for the behavioral health of the animals and providing behavioral interventions as needed. She’s passionate about dogs, their humans, and understands that training plans should meet the goals of everyone under your roof—yourself included.

MaryKaye is a Family Paws Parent Educator, an Accredited Dog Trainer & is Certified in Shelter Behavior – Dog (CSB-D) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and her dog, Fonzy, has earned his NW1 title from the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW).

Kind Words From Happy Clients

“Thank you for all your information and support for Sidney. He is doing so well and has very few panic moments and gets along with the visitors that we have. He plays with toys and takes them to his kennel. We are sticking to a regular routine of feeding, medication, and bed time, in fact if we are busy he will put himself to bed. We are definitely learned his trigger items and how to read his behavior and avoid situations. Even his groomer has noticed a great improvement at nail trimming time. So thanks and let the others with this issue know there is definitely hope with love, patience and the right support team it gets better.”
– Ruth Hosheid


“Just wanted to give you a quick  update and thank you again for all your help!! We are on night one of three for the drive out to California and I am so beyond please with the situation!!! Annie’s been slightly nervous quite a few times but definitely fearful twice and they were both instances of very loud noises (ambulance sirens/horns and a car revving it’s engine right next to us). And on both occasions she pulled me back to the car where her bed for her relaxation spot was, then we calmed down, went back out of the car, and everything was fine! The state of fear was so intense that she was very visibly and strongly shaking but she was able to sit on her bed and calm down enough to want to try again!! AMAZING!!

Even sitting in the hotel, there has been some commotion a few times right outside the room where she’s given a small growl and I was able to do find it and sort of direct her attention elsewhere very easily. I do still know to expect regression but I am just so beyond amazed and thankful for your help so far!! Even when I traveled frequently with her pre-Covid, there was not this level of comfort in her.

THANK YOU!!! You’ve truly been so wonderful I can’t say it enough!!”

“This weekend Hope is a completely different puppy!  She is playing independently, finding comfortable places on her own to relax, increased attention and eye contact while on walks and in the house, “kennel up” is her new trick and place is getting easier and easier. I know we have a ways to go, but we are celebrating the small victories.  She’s such a smart and sweet girl, all of these steps with build her confidence for years to come.  As I am typing this, she is laying in her bed sleeping! Thank you so much for all your amazing support and direction!  You have been so much help and we have enjoyed all our time with you!”
– Melissa


“Thank you very much for your kind words concerning Daisy. She absolutely adores you. You are so great with her as well as your calm teaching manner with Ellie and me. We truly appreciate all you are doing to help us. We often tend to dwell on the negative behaviors. I especially admire your constant positivity and showing us there is hope that we can work through our issues. You inspire me to remember to accentuate the POSITIVE. Just hearing you say Daisy makes you smile and she is your favorite blonde- makes my heart happy! I just want you to know how wonderful you are!!!”
– Darby Schober


“Thank you for everything you have taught us over our sessions. The knowledge and skills we and our pets have gained have just enriched the lives of our dogs, but also made us better pet parents!”
– Laura


“Thank you so much for the great insight and help with Barkley. We will continue to apply all we have learned. You are so patient and helpful. Thank you!”
– Joseph Barkely

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