Corinne Collier, Dog Trainer & Consultant

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Corinne is a dog trainer & consultant for Pet Harmony. She began her dog training journey several years ago after a routine volunteer shift at the humane society ended in adopting her delightfully naughty pup, Opie. Since then, Corinne has dedicated herself to learning science-based, positive reinforcement training from books, videos, other trainers, but most importantly, dogs themselves.

Corinne derives great joy from working with families to help communicate with their pets. By learning to speak our pets’ language, we find that we improve both human and dogs’ lives alike.

Every family has a unique dynamic and desired expectations for their pets. A “well-trained dog” looks different for each family. Corinne believes in respecting our animals through the lives that we bring them into.   Her approach to dog training focuses on the question “What do you WANT to see?” to create plans that work for the lives of the whole family.

Corinne’s passion is learning. She earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Music Education from the University of Illinois (2013) and teaches in a local public school. As a teacher of both humans and dogs, Corinne loves the craft of bridging the language gap between both species.

Most of all, though, Corinne loves dogs. They are beautiful, brilliant creatures who enhance our lives and bring us joy.  She is excited to work with your family and unlock clues to what your pup is telling you. Corinne is a product of the Pet Harmony Mentorship Program and has been training dogs professionally since 2020.

“Corinne, it was great meeting you yesterday. I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive. It’s always difficult admitting you can’t control the bad habits of a pet. We love both of the dogs, SO much, and just want what’s best for them.  Two meals down, Annie did great both times.  Right now, she’s out on her walk, with our dog walker. Annie & Jess, both love her! This morning, she was out in the yard, doing her normal barking routine…at nothing! I distracted her, with a toy, and all was good!”
– Sharon Zebransky

[Part 1] “Thank you again for all your help these past few weeks! I feel like we are better equipped to set them up for success in London.”

[Part 2] “They made it to the UK! Now the fun begins. Thanks for the tips.”
– Kate Heck