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PETPro is perfect for

Behavior consultants ⋆ Dog trainers ⋆ Animal trainers ⋆ Shelter staff ⋆ Shelter and rescue volunteers
Doggy day cares ⋆ Groomers ⋆ Vet staff ⋆ Dog walkers ⋆ Board and training ⋆ Enrichment center staff

Does This Sound Familiar?

you’re in the right place if you are struggling with…

  1. You feel loney and isolated.We know firsthand how isolating our industry can be. If you’re hungry for mentorship that will help you skip the trial-and-error and a supportive community that relates to exactly what you’re going through, look no further!
  2.  You struggle with uncertainty or imposter syndrome. You’ve got some experience and the continuing education to back you up, but you worry the recommendations you give your clients aren’t quite right. Maybe you can do better… and we can certainly help with that.
  3. You started this journey to help animals but found yourself with a business you don’t know how to run. Been there, done that! We know your love for animals brought you here. If you don’t know the first thing about running a sustainable business or how to make your business work for you, we’ve got your back.

The Enrichment Framework is the Answer!

MAKE MORE MONEY IN LESS TIME, without the overwhelm

Here’s the real problem: You have all these different puzzle pieces from continuing education but no idea how to put them all together. This results in imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence when you start working with clients. You question if you’re making the right recommendations and if your training plans will be effective at all.

This leads to an unsustainable business framework. You end up not charging enough and doing way too much. You find yourself working harder instead of smarter with no mentor or  community to turn to for support

It’s a terrible cycle to fall into and the solution is a true enrichment framework to help you meet the needs of the pets you work with, the people that love them, and you, the professional.

Here’s something many pet professionals get wrong

You Can Incorporate Pet Enrichment Into Your Plans
and Still Fail to Meet You and Your Client's Needs

This comes down to misconceptions about pet enrichment activities.

Enrichment is a powerful tool that offers more than entertainment, variety, or a way to keep your pet busy.

If used strategically, these activities can help you achieve training results faster, make pets happier, and keep pet owners engaged throughout the entire process.

The issue is that most pet professionals aren’t tapping into the true power of pet enrichment.

Most are using enrichment as another step in the plan instead of using it as the plan itself.

if you don’t know how to tap into the power of enrichment…

PETPro Will Help You Put All the Pieces Together

PETPro is a different program than many in our industry. It’s not about adding letters to your name. It’s not about sitting on new information without implementing it. It’s not about adding another tool to your toolbox. It’s about making the most of the tools you already have and building upon the foundation that’s already there.

does this sound like you?

PETPro is Perfect For You if...


you could use some MENTORSHIP from a seasoned pro to help more people improve their lives with their pets


You’re a committed, fear-free professional searching for ways to be more effective with your clients


You struggle with running your business in a way that meets your needs


You want to take advantage of continued education opportunities but don’t have a lot of time to devote to a rigid curriculum

invest in your future success with petpro

PETPro Will Show You How to...

Get clients committed to working with you from the get-go

Market your business as pain-free as possible and without feeling slimy

Work smarter, not harder when it comes to creating training plans

Meet your needs as a professional so you can avoid burnout

Your future self will thank you for investing in your business and pet professional career.

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"Having a safe space to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded professionals has given me the courage to do what I need to do for me in my career.

I’ve only been in PETPro a few weeks and it has already made such a huge difference! Not only has the program enhanced my understanding of enrichment, it’s helped me to improve my soft skills, making me more effective in business as well as everyday life. Having a safe space to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded professionals has given me the courage to do what I need to do for me in my career.”


expertise you can trust

From the Writers of
Canine Enrichment for
the Real World

“The scope of this book is ambitious and the authors deliver. With compassion and empathy for both dogs and their caregivers, the authors navigate the subject of enrichment with depth and relevance. Caregivers of all species, including children, will gain critically important perspectives and practical information to improve the lives of those learners entrusted in their care.”

Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Utah State University, and founder of Behavior Works, LLC

enrichment & training for pet professionals

Enroll Now and Enjoy...

A hands on mentor for you to work one-on-one with who will personalize your learning experience

Pre-recorded live teaching sessions you can enjoy at your own pace

Community support through the PETPro Community, PETPro Forum, accountability group, and group coaching calls

Progressing at your pace while learning from your peers and other paraprofessionals

Exclusive extras like guest speakers, our Member Directory, podcast extras, and more

A done with you approach to growing your business so you have autonomy from the very start!

Meet Your Mentors

allie bender, CDBC, CPDT-KA, SBA

Allie Bender (she/her/hers) is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed, and a Shelter Behavior Affiliate. She has been in the animal welfare industry since 2006 and professionally training since 2012. She is the founder and co-owner of Pet Harmony, co-author of Canine Enrichment for the Real World, and a national speaker.

While in the animal sheltering industry, Allie realized that her passion lied in helping pets with maladaptive behaviors. Specifically, she wanted to help prevent animals with rehabilitatable problems from being euthanized. She loves working with dogs and cats displaying stranger danger, resource guarding, and leash reactivity. Her favorite thing about working with pets and their people is seeing relationships grow and seeing harmonious households develop.

emily strong, CDBC, SBA

Emily Strong (she/her/hers) is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Shelter Behavior Affiliate. She has been in the animal welfare industry since 1990 and has been a behavior consultant since 2008. She is the co-owner of Pet Harmony, co-author of Canine Enrichment for the Real World, and a national speaker. 

Emily started working with animals at a young age and struggled with the notion that you have to hurt, scare, or intimidate animals to help them. When she discovered the behavior sciences and learned that it wasn’t necessary to do so– that we can care for emotional, mental, and physical health simultaneously– she plunged headfirst into animal behavior. Emily loves helping current and prospective behavior professionals and working with pet parents through our in-depth services. She enjoys working with all species. 

Ellen Yoakum, cert. sa pro trainer, kpa-ctp

Ellen Yoakum (she/her/hers), Cert. SA Pro Trainer, KPA-CTP  is a trainer and behavior consultant with Pet Harmony. Ellen’s passion for animal welfare and training was ignited during her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington where she was able to work as a research assistant focusing on captive animal welfare and enrichment.

For over a decade, Ellen has been working within animal care and behavior in multiple capacities including: dog daycare and boarding, wildlife rehabilitation, zoological, captive animal welfare research, and private training. In 2015, Ellen relocated to Winter Haven, Florida where she worked with Natural Encounters Inc., a company that specializes in free flight avian education opportunities around the country. 

Ellen joined Pet Harmony in 2020. Ellen is a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer, and Certified Training Partner through the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP).

MaryKaye kendrick, IAABC-ADT, CSB-D

MaryKaye Kendrick (she/her/hers), IAABC-ADT, CSB-D, Family Paws Parent Educator, is a dog trainer and behavior consultant with Pet Harmony. She enjoys working with both dogs and humans by meeting them where they are in their educational journeys. She also enjoys attending science-based seminars about animal training and behavior to advance her skills and knowledge.

MaryKaye is a Family Paws Parent Educator, an Accredited Dog Trainer & is Certified in Shelter Behavior – Dog (CSB-D) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and her dog, Fonzy, has earned his NW1 title from the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW).

"Joining PETPro was a relief.

I was struggling, overwhelmed, and feeling stuck trying to create a consulting practice. With the program, I could finally move forward.


Enroll in PETPro and Get ALL of This!

A dedicated mentor with monthly check-ins, quarterly progress coaching calls, and progress monitoring

15 modules devoted to helping you implement the Pet Harmony Enrichment Framework in your career, which includes all 8 weeks of our Enrichment Master Class, weekly session recordings, and EMC-exclusive workbooks

Weekly group coaching calls with enrichment implementation, open Q&A, business, professional development, working with clients, and self-care

Bonus mini courses, including Enrich Yo'Self, Using the Enrichment Framework to Build Your Client Base, Applying the Enrichment Framework to a Population, and Build Your Sustainable Business, 15-Minute Training Plan

An accountability group, forum feedback, and PETPro Community access

Exclusive extras including guest speakers, podcast extras, insider discounts, access to handouts, recommended reading list, recommended resources and tools, and member directory

A done with you approach to growing your business that prioritizes your unique goals and allows you to focus on exactly what you're interested in from the start

Take the next step forward by tapping into the power of enrichment and training for pet professionals. 

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Be honest, what’s holding you back?

"I Want to Learn How to Become a
Better Pet Professional, But..."


there isn’t a clear path forward

This is exactly why we created PETPro! There are lots of options for learning how to become a dog trainer, but for behavior consulting? Not so much. We don’t want anyone to have to take the stressful and circuitous route we took to get to where we are, so we built a program that takes you through all the skill sets required to become a competent, confident, compassionate, and ethical pet behavior consultant–from the ground up.


i don’t have time in my busy life

We can relate! That’s why we designed a program that is largely self-paced while also providing ample opportunities for interactive and community learning. Your mentor will also curate the information in the program for you so you can focus solely on what you need to learn. When you want group learning, it’s there for you. But when you need to sneak in a module here and there between other obligations, we’ve also got you covered.


i can’t find a mentor near me

No problem! In-person mentors can certainly be helpful when exploring how to become the best pet professional you can be. But this program is designed to give you the ability to get hands-on, real-world practice while working with your mentor remotely.

The best part? Your mentor will curate resources for you so you’re focused on what you need at every step of your journey, nothing more.


programs are really expensive

We can empathize with this, too! We are passionate about removing barriers and making information more equitable, accessible, and inclusive. That’s why PETPro is built on a subscription model that allows you the option to reenroll every 6 months and offer scholarships on a limited basis. Scholarship categories include hardship, BIPOC, and GDP-based. Regardless, our goal is to make your business more successful so the program should pay for itself!

Frequently Asked Questions

about the program

Your next step is to schedule a PETPro Discovery Call. We’ll meet with you and ask about your goals to make sure that we’re the right fit from you. 

If it seems like PETPro is a good fit for you, we’ll help you sign up during that call if we have spots open or get you signed up for the waitlist if spots are currently full or you need a little bit more time to think about it. 

After you officially join, we’ll send you a celebration email that has some beginning info, a text from our Client Experiences Manager within the next few days, and you’ll be able to immediately access the first part of the program once your paperwork is signed. 

Part of your paperwork will include an intake form. That’s where you’ll tell us about how you want to be mentored so we can pair you with the right person. Once we get that we’ll set up your onboarding call and go over everything else there!

Not at all. Enrichment was originally developed in zoos for a wide array of different species. You can apply what you learn in this course to any species you work with, though we do focus primarily on dogs in our recorded content since that applies to the majority of our members. If you work with other species we’ll help you tailor the information to your species!

When you join, you’ll be a PETPro member for 6 months. At the end of that time, we’ll ask if you would like to continue in the program for another 6 months. 

This program is different than a course in that there’s no graduation. We’re always learning and growing and this program is designed to adapt and grow with you! You’re welcome to be a PETPro for as long as it benefits you. 

If you’re specifically asking about how long it will take to get through the content, that will be dependent on where you are in your learning journey when you join. The content can certainly be gone through in 6 months, but as we all know, an implementation timeline can be a different story!

This will depend on where you are in your learning journey. One of the first things we’ll talk about in this program is that the learning process is similar to how young’uns grow. They go through a growth spurt and then stop growing for a little bit in order to fill out and build muscle.

That’s likely how you’ll be going through this program. There will be periods of massive growth and content binging where you’re spending a whole lot of time with us. Then, there will be periods where you’re in the trenches implementing the things and we may not see you for a few weeks. 

But, because we know how annoying the age old dog trainer answer of “it depends” can be, let’s say on average 1-3 hours a week.

about the qualifications

Nope. If you already know some training and/or behavior modification techniques and want to be able to use a pet enrichment framework with anyone you work with (i.e. volunteers, fosters, adopters, etc.) then you can benefit from this program.

Well, it depends on how you define “beginner”. This program is helpful for folks who already have tools in their toolbox as we will not be teaching you how to train animals in this program. 

That does not mean that you need to currently be someone making money in a pet profession. We’ve met plenty of people who are looking to get into a pet profession who are already quite savvy trainers. 

So, you can be anywhere in your career, but you need to already know how to train animals to be successful in PETPro. If you’re not sure if you fit that criteria, schedule a Discovery Call and we’ll help you figure it out. And, if that’s not yet you, come back to us when you’re ready!

We offer that, too 🙂 Our Enhanced Wellbeing Through Enrichment Mentorship Program is specifically how to do everything in PETPro but for pets with maladaptive behaviors. 

PETPro is a requirement to join the Enhanced program, so if you’re specifically interested in maladaptive behaviors still sign up for a PETPro Discovery Call so we can get you started on the journey. 

Nope! If you think this program will help your career then schedule a Discovery Call and let’s chat to see if this is the right option for you!

There are several different certifications out there, so the answer is going to be dependent on what certification you’re looking for. In general, even if the course content doesn’t cover everything that’s in a certification, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction for more information and help you feel confident while preparing. 

We do offer a program above PETPro specifically for folks who want to work with pets with maladaptive behaviors and that program does include course content on getting certified as a behavior consultant. PETPro is a requirement to join that program.

No, this is a standalone program. Our book is full of theory, studies, and activities. But this program is all about implementation. So as long as you trust that we know what we’re talking about, you can go back at any time and read about the theory in our book.

about the sessions

Whenever you and your mentor agree on! Our mentors work different days and different hours. When you become a PETPro member, we will send you an intake form asking your preferred meeting days and times to better pair you with a mentor that works with your schedule.

Live group weekly sessions are currently scheduled for (all in Central Standard Time):

  • Mondays 5-6 pm
  • Tuesdays 1:15-2:15 pm 
  • Wednesdays 1:15-2:15 pm
  • Thursdays 1:15-2:15 pm
  • Fridays 11-12 pm

We do not recommend attending all group sessions every week! That would likely not be the best use of your time.

There will not be a session in each of these times every single week and special events may happen outside of these times. 

If you’re using a Time Zone Converter, we recommend comparing your time zone to “Chicago- Illinois, USA” to account for daylight savings time. 

Not a problem! Groups sessions are to help you implement and will not be teaching new content. That means that you can show up when you have questions or need help troubleshooting and won’t be missing anything if you’re not able to attend.

By getting to know you! Our mentors will talk to you, get to know you, your career, your business if you have one, and your goals. From there, they will essentially be developing a training plan on the backend to get you from point A to point B and that includes directing you to the resources you need in the order that you need them. Think about the PETPro curriculum as a library, and your mentor as the librarian pointing you in the right direction.

Yep! You will be able to post questions and get feedback on your current client cases in the PETPro forum. That means that our entire community becomes your sounding board! Please note, however, that this program is not designed for folks working with maladaptive behaviors.

You can also purchase additional coaching sessions with your mentor if you want 1-on-1 case feedback.

Join Today and Walk Away With


PETPro students are assigned a mentor to provide accountability, including monthly email check-ins, 1:1 quarterly progress calls, and a personalized experience every step of the way specific to your niche



Enroll and enjoy our carefully curated courses, including the Enrichment Master Class, on your terms with pre-recorded live teaching sessions, process-driven homework, and a personalized progress tracker


Talk through obstacles, chat strategy, and troubleshoot problems in real-time with your instructor of choice during their live coaching calls, which are available to you every week


Get instant access to the PETPro Community, PETPro Forum, accountability group, and weekly group coaching calls so you can tap into the power of group learning and lean on an empathetic, supportive community

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Rest of Your Career?

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"Here is my only regret in hiring a mentor to help me: I should have done it years ago.

Allie is kind, open, knowledgeable, intelligent, and funny! She meets you where you are and helps you reach the next level!”


enrichment & training for pet professionals

Say "Yes" to PETPro and Get One Step Closer to
the Pet Professional Career of Your Dreams

PETPro enrichment and training for pet professionals

Improve the quality of of life for pets, their people, their professionals, and watch your career flourish. Enjoy a done with you approach to growing your business that you so deserve.

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