Become a Better Behavior Consultant:

Learn, Grow, & Refine Your Skills

Have you always wanted to work with animals but are unsure of how to become a pet trainer? Are you already working with training clients but struggling to grow your business? No matter where you are in your pet behavior consultant journey, Pet Harmony can help.

Learn from our expert behavior consultants through private coaching, group coaching and online courses. Start or grow your own pet behavior consulting business. And advance your behavior modification skills so you can change the lives of more pets and their people.

Explore all our coaching and professional development options for pet behavior consultants and aspiring pet trainers.

Coaching Call

A one-session fresh pair of eyes for a problem you’re stuck on including business or professional development (case reviews only available for program members).

Mentorship Program

Get the skills and business tips you need to work as a pet behavior consultant and start your own business.

Enrichment Framework for Behavior Modification Master Class

Become a better behavior consultant with a pet enrichment framework designed to support behavior change.

Pro Campus

Achieve your wildest behavior consulting dreams. Pro Campus is the professional development membership community for individuals starting and growing a pet behavior consulting business.

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The key to being a successful pet trainer comes down to the way you treat your clients (pets and humans alike!). Strong communication skills are vital, as well as a confident and calm attitude. If you want to work as a behavior consultant, it’s also important to have a strong understanding of animal behavior and the connection between pet and human behavior.

It depends on your goals. The pet training business is not regulated in the United States and many pet trainers work without any specific education or qualifications. At Pet Harmony, our pet behavior consultants have a variety of training credentials and certifications. In our Mentorship program and Pro Campus membership, we can work with you to determine the certifications and education programs that are right for you and your goals.

CDBC stands for Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. If you want to start a behavior consulting business, becoming a CDBC is one of the best things you can do to add credibility to your business and boost your training skills. With a number of CDBCs on our pet behavior consultant team, we can help you determine if this credential is right for you. We do not, however, offer certification through our professional development programs.

It depends! If you already have a background in training and are looking for guidance to start or grow your own business, you can likely start building your client base right away. If you are brand new and still need to build training skills or earn a certification, then it will take longer.

The type of education you want to pursue will also have an impact on your timeline. Our Mentorship program for new and aspiring pet behavior consultants, for example, typically takes a few years to complete. The program is designed so that each unit could be completed in about three months with about 5-10 hours of work per week. On this schedule, it would take about 4 years to complete all 16 units of the program. Because this program is self-paced, you could complete each unit in just a few weeks and complete the full program in around 16 months.