About Our Pet Behavior Consulting Team

You’re likely here because you have a big decision to make: hiring someone to help your pet. It’s an exhausting process: wading through bios of different trainers and pet behavior consulting companies, having to figure out how you want your pet to be trained, and wondering if there’s even hope for your pet. 

A lot of people who find their way to Pet Harmony feel like they have tried everything already. You may have learned the hard way that there are no regulations in the field of animal training and that education isn’t a requirement to collect money.

You may have tried obedience classes at your local pet store or even tried DIY pet training by watching YouTube videos. You may be wondering if you’ll ever find the solution to behavior modification for your pet. 

Our pet behavior consulting team is here to make your decision easier. 

The Pet Harmony Positive Pet Training Philosophy

Pet Harmony isn’t just a pet training company. We’re a science-based pet training community with both you and your pet in mind. Our goal is to work with you to create effective, empathetic, and ethical behavior modification solutions. 

Here are just a few reasons our pet behavior consulting is different:

  • We offer a variety of services to fit your busy life, learning preference, and budget. 
  • We understand that behavior modification is a process, not a product (and we’re committed to guiding you through it!).
  • We meet both you and your pet where you are in your respective learning journeys.
  • We are dedicated to continuing education for all our team members and using only the most up-to-date, ethical approach to training. 

What’s the difference between a pet trainer and a behavior consultant?

When it comes to choosing a professional to help you with your pet, it’s important to know the difference between a pet trainer vs pet behavior consultant.

The pet training industry is not regulated, and just about anyone can charge for pet training services, regardless of their education, experience or credentials. The field of pet behavior consulting, however, typically requires certification. A behavior consultant has typically gone through in-depth training with a variety of animal species. 

While pet trainers typically focus on basic manners, nuisance behaviors, sports, tricks or service tasks, pet behavior consultants work to understand – and address – the root cause of behaviors such as fear, anxiety, and aggression. 

At Pet Harmony, our pet behavior consulting team has a cumulative 75 years of training experience and a wide variety of training credentials.

Ready to join our community? 

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