COVID-19 Update

Update on COVID-19 (bad news & good news):

Hey y’all, Emily and I have made the decision to suspend in-person consultations until at least April 1st (the bad news). We feel this is in the best interest for our own health and for our clients’. We will contact you personally if this affects an already-scheduled session.

The good news: we’ve been offering remote consultations & our immersive digital courses for clients locally, nationally, and internationally for 2 years now. They are a well-oiled machine and have been very successful. We’ve helped people around the world and changed behavior for the better for pets whom we’ve never met in person. We will still be offering remote services & digital courses during this time and we want to make it clear that you will NOT be taking a gamble on this with us as these are not new services.

Info about remote services here:…/clie…/remote-consultations/

And info about our digital courses here:…/clients/immersive-digital…/ We are planning to sell our digital courses as a self-study course sooner than anticipated in light of what’s happening; stay tuned as we figure out what that looks like.

We will keep you updated if our timetable for in-person sessions changes. In the meantime, we can still help you and your pet!

Thank you all for your understanding. This is a really difficult decision for us small-business owners and we appreciate your continued support.


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