Phone Consultations

Quick Facts:
  • $1/minute
  • Available for all species
  • Payment accepted: Venmo preferred (Pet-Harmony-Training), PayPal ([email protected]), or credit card

Do you need some quick tips to help you get through the time before a more formal session? Or are you an existing client that needs some extra help with troubleshooting but perhaps not enough to merit a full session? Or maybe money’s tight but you want to get started with some basic, immediate strategies while you save up for a full consult (smart!)? If any of the above applies then a phone consultation is for you! Similar to more formal sessions, we’ll ask you questions, discuss what’s going on with your pet, then decide together what exercises will work for your pet and household. Afterwards we’ll send you a follow-up email with resources regarding what we discussed so you have everything at your fingertips. Phone consultations can address all the same issues,  although they are less in-depth, do not include the detail and follow-through of full consultations, and by necessity lack a full training plan. This means that they are not suitable as a stand-alone service, but function as a stop-gap between any of our full-service options.

Can over the phone really work?

People often wonder whether we can be effective if we only talk over the phone – how can we help you if we don’t even meet your pet in person? – but the answer is yes! Oftentimes there are some quick and simple tips that make a huge impact on your pet’s behavior and we can cover those in a phone consultation. This makes them ideal for help while you’re waiting for a formal session or in between sessions for existing clients.  However, because phone consultations are less in-depth than a regular session we still recommend booking a formal session so we can help you even better. 

What to expect: Booking a session

If you’re ready to book email Allie at [email protected] with a few days and times that work for you. She’ll try her best to squeeze you in asap, especially for more urgent issues, and will confirm a time with you. Once we’ve settled on a date, we will send you a contract; it will come with instructions on how to fill it out and instructions for our session. 

What to expect: The consultation

We will have up to 1 hour available for your phone consultation, though most are less than one hour. During this time your consultant will ask you questions and you both will determine next steps and exercises to work on for your pet. At the end of your session your consultant will let you know how long you spoke for and can either collect credit card information over the phone or send you an invoice to collect payment. After receiving payment, we will email you with resources related to topics discussed over the phone.