Remote Consulting

Quick Facts:

So you want to start doing remote consultations, or perhaps you already have, but you hate them. They’re scary, right? You’re not right there with your client, you can’t see their environment, you can’t physically work with their pet to show them what to do. Yikes.

We’ve been there. Allie and I had to start doing remote consultations while we worked at Best Friends Animal Society, and then we periodically offered them throughout the first couple of years after leaving the Sanctuary and going back into business for ourselves. But we didn’t like them for the same reasons you don’t, so we didn’t do them often. Fast forward to two years ago, when both of us saw the writing on the wall. Between our travel schedules and our chronic illnesses, it became apparent to us that we had to learn to love remote consulting because they were going to become a necessary part of our business model, otherwise we’d be in real trouble. It was one of those “adapt or die” situations.

Fortunately, we adapted! We talked to friends and colleagues who offer remote sessions, learned some salient skills, and before long we realized that not only were we learning to love remote consulting, we actually prefer it now!

Across many professions, being able to work remotely is the future. We want to help you get there–and love it.

In this course, we will go over:

  • Selling clients on going remote
  • How to “see” the problem without being there
  • Technology usage for remote consultations
  • How to demo, give instructions, and provide real-time feedback to clients remotely
  • How to do group courses remotely
  • Using videos in your training plans and follow-ups
  • Chat and Q&A with some of our remote consulting clients

This mini Immersive Digital Course is 3 sessions long, and will air live on Zoom on Thursday, April 2nd, Saturday, April 4th, and Monday, April 6th at 5p PST/ 8p EST. If you miss the live sessions, that’s ok! The course will be available as a pre-recorded self-study course after the live sessions are over. For more information about Immersive Digital Courses, click here. To register for this course, email [email protected]