Get Started Now: Beginning Behavior Modification


Even if your initial consultation is just a few days away, that can feel like forever when you want to get started right now.

The good news is: you can get started right now!

No matter what behavior issues you and your pet are facing, the foundation skills are all the same. We teach every client these foundation skills and they are necessary to make the most effective and efficient progress with your pet. And these are the skills we start to teach in our Beginning Behavior Modification course.

These skills include:

  • Being able to better predict your dog’s behavior
  • Skills that can provide immediate relief
  • Why obedience training isn’t helping your pet’s behavior problems

The even better news? Folks who have completed the Beginning Behavior Modification course before their initial consultation can usually get further in their first session than folks who haven’t.

Start this course today to make the most out of your time with your consultant and to start seeing progress quicker.