Amy Sly, Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant

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Amy Sly is an animal trainer and consultant through Pet Harmony. She loves to help cats, dogs, and people in their journeys to understand each other. She is committed to helping all learners in the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive way possible. She has helped cats and dogs to fit into their homes more harmoniously, and even once drastically reduced the finger-biting habits of one ill-socialized pet rat!

Amy’s compassionate approach to understanding animal needs and addressing concerns with the welfare of the whole animal in mind, come from an experience with a pet dog from her childhood, whose lack of social skills and enrichment, ended in a very sad place. She turned to this as her profession after four years as an elementary teacher. She then sought a job where innate needs could be considered first, not as an afterthought. After a 12-week certification program through a national pet supply chain, she was able to learn the basic science behind dog training and coaching from the wonderful Christina Horne. In her time working with other trainers in the Utah County area, she was encouraged to attend free seminars at the Salt Lake County Animal Services by none other than Emily Strong! Amy has attended many if not all of the seminars Emily once offered at SLC Animal Services, as well as the First Train Home Workshop with Emily and Allie.

Amy has trained dogs in various capacities since 2015, including board and train, day care, day outings with dogs, dog walking, boarding, group classes, and private consultations. By far her favorite clients are the smart, sassy, and hyper ones. (They are usually furry, too.)

Amy joined Pet Harmony in 2021.