Professional Consults

Quick Facts:
  • For trainers who are moving into consulting and need guidance on a case, consultants who want to brainstorm with a colleague on a tricky case, or consultants who need an objective third party to help them through their own personal case (because being our own consultant is hard!)
  • Video chat through Zoom
  • $50/session
  • Available for all species
  • Payment accepted: Venmo preferred (Pet-Harmony-Training), PayPal ([email protected]), or credit card

Behavior is complex. Addressing behavior issues can be hard. It’s easy to second guess yourself or feel stuck in a rut–even more so when you’re trying to be your own behavior consultant for your own pets!

We’re here to help.

We know what it’s like to feel lost and alone while trying to work through a difficult case. We also know what it’s like to struggle putting on our consultant hat when dealing with our own pets. 

If this sounds familiar to you, our professional consults might be a great match for you! 

What to expect: the format

We’ll schedule a time to meet, then you can send us the case history, whatever training plans you’ve written, or any other salient materials. We’ll review your materials before our session, and then we’ll send you a Zoom link. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you’ll need to download the app before we meet. During our session we’ll discuss the case with you and give you our recommendations. Afterwards, we’ll send you your Recommendations and Resources sheet, which will include the recording of our session as well as all the information and resources we discussed in your session.

What to expect: Booking a session

To book a session, contact Emily at [email protected] to discuss availability and start the process.