In-home Dog Behavior Training
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We can help you—Even if you’ve tried everything to alleviate your pet's aggression, fear, or anxiety

Serving the Following Locations:
Naperville, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Lisle, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, Hinsdale, Rosemont, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, West Loop, Rogers Park, La Grange, Brookfield, and more

If you’re on the cusp or not sure if you’re included in a travel radius, email us at [email protected]. And if you’re outside our travel radius, no worries! We offer our full range of pet behavior training online.

Let’s face it. This isn’t what you expected.

Whether your pet joined your family last week or 7 years ago, we’re guessing that you didn’t expect to wind up here, looking for help with your pet’s behavior problems.

Problems like aggression, anxiety, fear, compulsions, and even nuisance behaviors can leave you feeling scared, frustrated, embarrassed, ashamed, hurt, confused, and sad.

And if you feel like you’ve tried everything or hired another professional with no success, you may be feeling hopeless as well.

It’s time you and your pet found relief.

Our pets are only part of our lives for a relatively short time. You and your pet deserve to make that time the happy, healthy life you envisioned together.

The kind of life where you can’t wait to come home to see them, and maybe even make an excuse to leave that party early to hang out with your pet instead.

The one where your pet is your best friend, confidant, and non-human love of your life.

The good news?

That sort of life is achievable. We can help you get there with in-home dog behavior training if you live in the Chicago suburbs or surrounding communities!

Why does pet behavior training work?

If your pet is struggling with behavior issues—whether it’s aggression, anxiety, fear, compulsions, or nuisance behaviors—you need more than regular dog training.

Pet behavior training goes beyond sit, down, and stay. It will help you to nurture a harmonious lifestyle by looking at all of the factors involved in your pet’s behavior while addressing both their needs and your own. And if you live in the Chicago suburbs and surrounding areas, we would love to work with you!

What You Get

  • One-on-one attention from your personal pet behavior consultant
  • Personalized, actionable behavior modification plan
  • Supplemental resources to support your education
  • Support between sessions
  • Access to our entire team of science- based/ positive reinforcement/ force-free/ fear-free consultants
  • Certified trainers & pet behavior consultants who care as much about you as they do your pet
  • Options for in-person, private dog training at home or virtual pet training

What We Specialize In

Nuisance Behaviors

Sad, Scary, or Dangerous Behaviors

A personalized solution for you and your pet.


not cookie-cutter

You and your pet deserve a solution as unique as you are. We will work with you to find the right solution for your household.


Full team support

When you hire one of us, you hire all of us. That means you have our entire team’s knowledge and experience at your disposal.


Empathetic experience

Our team cares about both you and your pet equally. That means we won’t sacrifice anyone’s needs to get you results.


One-on-one attention

It’s hard to get an individualized answer when working in a group setting. Our consultants provide one-on-one sessions so your situation gets the attention it deserves.


Sustainable action items

Your pet’s behavior modification plan will provide you with the next steps you need to take without all the extra fluff. That means you know exactly what to do and how to do it to make progress in day-to-day life.


Between-session support

Whether it’s through our curated resources or email support with your consultant, you will be able to get answers between sessions. That means you can make sure you’re on the right track to get results faster.

Experience and expertise you can trust.

We know you wouldn’t trust just anyone to bring onto your pet’s support team. Our consultants undergo a rigorous vetting and training process when they join our world-renowned team, even though we only hire professionals who have already been successful in the field.

That means you’re getting a professional with the latest knowledge, extensive training, and—perhaps most importantly—compassion and empathy for what you’re going through.

Chicago residents, contact us today if that sounds just like what you’ve been looking for!



How it Works

our pet behavior training process is designed to HELP YOUR PET

Take a peek at our FAQ section below and check out this blog post on How and Why Remote Consulting Works!

1. Select your Initial Consultation Package below.

2. Select your pet behavior consultant (that provides in-person services) then the date and time for your initial consultation. Check out, pay, and you're in!

3. Keep an eye on your email inbox for login details for your Initial Consultation Package prep materials. (Don't forget to check Spam and promotions folders!)

4. Attend your initial consultation, ready to learn.

5. Start working through your training worksheet activities and schedule follow-up sessions.

6. Work with your in-home consultant(s) until your pet graduates.

7. Celebrate!

Pet Training Packages

options for every pet in any stage of their training journey


Best for: dipping your toe if you're not sure you're ready for the process
$ 250 1 session
*Additional travel fees may apply*
  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Actionable, personalized training plan
  • Enrollment in our Beginning Behavior Modification course
  • Additional curated resources for you
  • Follow-ups available for purchase separately

4 Session
Consultation Bundle

Best for: pets who have 1 or 2 primary issues to work through
$ 700 4 sessions in 3 months
*Additional travel fees may apply*
  • 90- minute initial consultation
  • Actionable, personalized training plans
  • Enrollment in our Beginning Behavior Modification course
  • Additional curated resources for you
  • Email support between sessions
  • 3 60-minute follow-up sessions

8 Session
Consultation Bundle

Best for: pets who have a lot of different behavior issues
$ 1300 8 sessions in 4 months
*Additional travel fees may apply*
  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Actionable, personalized training plans
  • Enrollment in our Beginning Behavior Modification course
  • Additional curated resources for you
  • Email support between sessions
  • 7 60-minute follow-up sessions

Still not sure?

still on the fence?

This is Our Pet Behavior Training Commitment

We will provide you and your pet with the most up-to-date, science-based, empathetic behavior modification journey we can, like we’ve done for thousands of pets and their people all around the world, including in your own backyard. (If you live in the Chicago suburbs or Chicago, that is!)

About Our Services

Yes! Our team has seen it all and can help you with whatever issue you and your pet are facing. There will be times that we recommend seeking additional help from a professional in a parallel field (like a Veterinary Behaviorist or Neurologist) if we think that will be helpful, but for all things dog behavior modification – and other pets! – we have you covered. 

Additionally, our team is a real team: we often work together and collaborate on a case to make sure our clients get the best support we can offer. If your pet behavior consultant doesn’t have the answer they will ask another team member for support.

Yes! A healthy and communicative client-consultant team is certainly capable of making progress and we are committed to helping you through your pet’s behavior modification journey. That said, there are some things that you will need to bring to the table to ensure that your pet does make progress, including a willingness to:

  • Learn new information that potentially conflicts with what you already know
  • Adhere to your entire training plan and homework, not just the parts that are convenient or fun–or let us know when you’re having difficulty doing so, so that we can help you troubleshoot
  • Communicate with your consultant: the triumphs, the setbacks, the confusion, and the frustration
  • Treat our relationship and services as a journey, not a one-time thing

Please note that progress and goals may look different than what you originally thought it would look like.

Yes! The majority of our clients come to us with pets who already have a bite history. For extreme cases (I.E. many stitches, mauling, death) we will recommend you work with a Veterinary Behaviorist alongside our team.

Collectively, our team is able to work with any pet species. There is no additional fee for working with different species.

No. Our services are charged by the hour, not who we’re working with. We’re happy to work with multiple pets in one session (and often need to to see success!).

About Our Process

That’s okay! That’s a normal part of the process. Check out our blog, our socials, like Facebook, and Instagram and our team’s bios to learn more about us and what we’re about. We’ll be here when you’re ready. You can also listen to our pet enrichment podcast to learn more about our expertise and hear us in action.

And of course, you can always book a discovery call if you need guidance on which service is right for you.

A behavior modification journey is about so much more than just training your pet. It requires dedication in the form of time and work from the household members as well, and the humans are as much a part of the process as the pets are. There’s a reason we call it a journey!

More specifically, your pet behavior training will include history taking, considerable discussion with your consultant to create a plan that is sustainable for you, management, education, and skill-building for you and your pet. 

We will use scaffolding– splitting more challenging techniques into smaller steps and building upon already-learned skills– in order to help everyone learn successfully. That means we will not make you jump into the deep end until you’re ready.

It varies and there are factors involved in the timeline outside of our control. Nuisance behaviors can sometimes be relatively quick: a few weeks. For more serious behavior problems, expect your behavior modification journey to take at least several months.

That depends on a lot of factors: the complexity of your pet’s case, your training skillset, how much time you’re able to devote to training throughout the week, how much back and forth is needed between parallel professions like your vet, and more. We typically can’t provide an answer until we’ve started working with you and gotten to know you and your pet.

No, we do not have a facility. In-person sessions are offered in your home or an agreed-upon public space.

After scheduling we send you a questionnaire that has all of the questions we’d like answered prior to meeting so we do not require much information prior to booking.

Our in-person consultants have different travel radii. Check out our team page to see each person’s travel radius:

Check out our Western Chicago Suburbs travel radius here.

Check out our Northwestern Chicago Suburbs travel radius here.

If you’re on the cusp or not sure if you’re included in a travel radius, email us at [email protected]. And if you’re outside our travel radius, no worries! We offer our full range of pet behavior training online.

If you’re outside of the travel radius, we offer remote training sessions—and yes! We have the same success rate with our remote sessions as we do with our in-person sessions that take place in Chicagoland and West Chicago suburbs. As we say, it doesn’t matter if we can get your pet to do something; it only matters if you can. 

We understand that many people are skeptical about how remote sessions can help them. We’ve addressed the most common concerns in this blog post about remote pet consulting. And more information specifically about why we don’t need to see the behavior to help can be found in this pet training blog post.

Usually no, because we’ve seen it all we know what it looks like and we believe you that there is an issue. If there’s anything that we’re unsure about we will ask you to safely video the behavior.

About Our Training Methods

We adhere to Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) principles. We also fall under the “positive reinforcement-based” and “force-free” training categories and believe in using the same methods for humans as well as animals.

Yes. The difference in training methodology is the difference between the behavior getting better or worse, being resolved or suppressed to manifest itself later, and the difference in the relationship your pet has with you. The pet behavior training methods we use are scientifically found to yield the most desirable results: saving you time, money, and hassle. Additionally, these methods also bring you and your pet closer together. It’s a win-win!

No, it is impossible and unethical to provide a 100% guarantee on future behavior. There are several factors affecting behavior that are beyond the scope of our control including but not limited to: prenatal environment, age, health, and genetics. A competent, ethical, and knowledgeable behavior professional should never guarantee results.

If you are looking to dip your toe in before committing to the process, then the Initial Consultation is for you. This 90-minute initial consultation will get you started on your positive pet training journey. Initial Consultations with follow up A la Carte sessions provides the most scheduling flexibility.

If you are looking to address 1 or 2 behavior struggles with your pet, and you are looking for accountability through every other week sessions for 2 months, then the 4 Session Consultation Bundle is the way to go. 

If you are looking to address multiple behavior struggles with your pet, and are looking to meet with your consultant at least once a week, then our 8 Session Consultation Bundle is what you are looking for. 

Book a discovery call here to get personalized recommendations for the right package for you.

Absolutely! Many people choose to mix and match programs or remote and in-person sessions. Because our team works together, we can easily collaborate on cases in situations where a client is looking at services that multiple consultants offer. You can even mix and match virtual and in-person sessions within your package.

Our team has a variety of pet behavior training certifications, including but not limited to:

  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed
  • Separation Anxiety Professional Trainer
  • Family Paws Parent Educator
  • Accredited Dog Trainer
  • Shelter Behavior Affiliate

More information about individual certifications can be found on our team page. 

take a leap of faith your pet will thank you for

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