conquer the trickiest pet behavior cases with 

Collaborative Consultations

→ Do you want to get more insight behind your pet’s unwanted behaviors?

→ Would you like to refine your strategies to achieve your training goals sooner?

If that’s you, you could benefit from a second pair of expert eyes on your case to ensure you’re approaching your pet’s unwanted behaviors from every angle.

Book your collaborative consultation today and get one step closer to living a more harmonious life with your pet!


Solving More Difficult Behavior Cases is a Team Effort

Every pet is unique and so are their needs, challenges, and responses to behavior modification training. In our experience, some pets require additional support or outside input from another pet professional to achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.

At Pet Harmony, we’re passionate about honing in on the strategies you need to achieve your goals and love teaming up with other pet professionals. Taking a team approach ensures that nothing slips through the cracks on your new path forward!

A Fresh Perspective is One Collaborative Consult Away


Another pet professional in your corner who’s experienced, empathetic, and able to use their own unique skill set to help your pet make progress

Another seasoned pet behavior expert to help you understand the reasons behind unwanted behaviors and an updated strategy to overcome them

Peace of mind knowing you have multiple professionals on your side, working in your favor, whose combined knowledge can help you move past roadblocks in your training journey

don’t throw in the towel just yet

Consult with Pet Harmony for New Strategies to Solve Complex Behavior Problems

Helping your pet overcome unwanted behaviors isn’t as easy as waving a magic wand. Oftentimes, trickier cases demand that we reassess, readjust, and tackle behavior challenges in new ways. Here’s how we can help you do that!

How it works

book your consultation

Schedule your collaborative consult call with your current consultant and a Pet Harmony pro to approach your pet’s unwanted behaviors from a new angle

collaborate with a
pet harmony pro

Talk through your concerns, challenges, and goals with pet professionals that bring their own experiences, expertise, and specializations to the table

Receive a custom training plan

Receive a fully customized training plan written by Pet Harmony that targets your unique goals with a fresh perspective informed by years of real world consulting experience

get results!

Implement your custom training plan, continue working with your current consultant, and knock out your pet behavior goals one at a time

real world experience & expertise you can trust

From the Authors of Canine Enrichment for the Real World

“Every dog lover, owner, and trainer needs to read this book! Don’t let the word “enrichment” in the title fool you into thinking that the scope of this book is too narrow or not something you will find valuable. It focuses comprehensively on meeting your dog’s needs and is written in a holistic, science-based, practical, straightforward and easy to understand way. I love this book!”

– Ken Ramirez, author of Animal Training: Successful Animal Management Through Positive Reinforcement



Allie Bender is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed, and a Shelter Behavior Affiliate. She has been in the animal welfare industry since 2006 and professionally training since 2012. She is the founder and co-owner of Pet Harmony, co-author of Canine Enrichment for the Real World, and a national speaker.



Emily Strong is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Shelter Behavior Affiliate. She has been in the animal welfare industry since 1990 and has been a behavior consultant since 2008. She is the co-owner of Pet Harmony, co-author of Canine Enrichment for the Real World, and a national speaker. 



Ellen Yoakum, Cert. SA Pro Trainer, KPA-CTP  is a trainer and behavior consultant with Pet Harmony. For over a decade, Ellen has been working within animal care and behavior in multiple capacities including: dog daycare and boarding, wildlife rehabilitation, zoological, captive animal welfare research, and private training.

“I have had the pleasure of frequently teaming with Allie Bender. Allie assists many of my veterinary clients to implement the behavior modification plans I have recommended for their pets. These patients include many with very serious diagnoses involving anxiety, fear, and aggression. Allie has helped me achieve many successful outcomes and my clients could not be happier! It is a pleasure to have such a wonderful colleague.”

Dr. Fiia Jokela, DVM, DABVP (canine/feline), Owner and Veterinary Behavior Resident: Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants

if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Everything You Need to Know About our Approach

“Why do I need to work with another professional when I already have one?”

Each professional brings their own skills, specializations, and experience to each consultation. If your consultant feels you would benefit from working with a professional that has a different set of skills which speak to your pet’s unique needs, this is one easy and effective way to do just that.

“Can I still continue working with my chosen professional?”

Yes! If you and your pet are satisfied and comfortable with your consultant, we encourage you to continue working together. Think of collaborative consultations as supplementary to your original training plan.

“What will be done differently if I invest in a collaborative consultation?”

In-person sessions with your chosen professional are great and your consultant should have geographical knowledge that Pet Harmony may not (i.e. recommended vets, day cares, etc.)

But there are times when your consultant may need someone with more expertise or the skills to optimize your pet’s behavior modification plan overall—which is where we come in!

“Why does a session cost so much?”

When you invest in a collaborative consult, you’re getting access to our team’s years of collective real world experience, continuing education, and practical know-how that put Pet Harmony on the map. Your partnership with us will yield results and we have plenty of happy clients that the strategies we share are worth every penny.

“Are remote sessions as effective as in-person sessions?”

Definitely. When someone knows enough about behavior (which an evidence-based consultant should), then we don’t need to see a behavior to know how to modify it. Behavior is much more predictable than people think; it follows specific rules. That means that professionals know what questions to ask you to understand your pet’s behavior. And even if a behavior seems unpredictable to you, it usually isn’t to us. If something does sound funky or we need additional help aside from asking questions, we’ll ask for a video if it’s safe to get one. 

conquering complex pet behavior problems is possible

We're Here to Help You Get the Results You Crave

Our team has a variety of pet behavior training certifications, including but not limited to:

  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed
  • Separation Anxiety Professional Trainer
  • Family Paws Parent Educator
  • Accredited Dog Trainer
  • Shelter Behavior Affiliate

“I have had the pleasure of working with Emily for several years. She is a diligent and compassionate animal behavior consultant who is very knowledgeable about contemporary, positive reinforcement based principles and practices. One of the most admirable attributes is her respect for her clients. She is committed to sharing understanding and is confident about their ability to learn and improve what they do to help their animals. Emily is also committed to her own ongoing education and skill building, which makes her an outstanding professional in the field. I recommend her highly.”

Dr. Susan Friedman, PhD,

ready to get another pet professional in your corner?

Book Your Collaborative Consultation Today!

Together, we can find a new strategy to address your pet behavior concerns and improve the quality of your life and your pet’s life, so you can live in harmony together.

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