Pro Campus Membership

Quick Facts:

Take a step back and think for a moment: what would happen if you could take on more difficult cases or even consult on other species? What scary, crazy, ambitious project would you tackle if you felt more confident in your skills and could grow your business to match it? How is your world and the world around you going to change when we help you achieve those goals? 

Are you ready to:

  • Feel more confident and grow in your consulting skills?
  • Take on more difficult cases?
  • Start or expand your consulting business without the guess work?
  • Become a certified behavior consultant?
  • Add a new species to your repertoire?
  • Be part of a nurturing community that wants to see you succeed?
  • Use all of the above to grow your business, help more pets, and make more money?

If that sounds like you then you’re ready to join our Pet Harmony Pro Campus membership group. Pro Campus is designed for consultants like you who are looking to gain confidence, grow their skills and business, get certified, and connect with colleagues; all within a safe learning environment. We’re committed to compassionate lifelong learning and never accepting “good enough”. 

Don’t wait to invest in yourself and your profession. Imagine where you’ll be this time next year by taking this step today: more confidence, more clients, more money, and more pets with better lives. Pro Campus is here to help you achieve your wildest dreams. Join us here: 


Who are we?

Pet Harmony Pro Campus is run by co-owners Emily Strong and Allie Bender. We are both certified dog behavior consultants, national speakers, co-authors of Canine Enrichment for the Real World, and run a successful consulting business full-time focusing on addressing severe behavior challenges in multiple species while always using LIMA techniques. We’ve been there and done that and are ready to help you do the same without all the trial and error that we had to go through to get to this point!


Why Pro Campus?

The short of it: we love collaborating with our colleagues and mentoring people. Our crazy, wild, ambitious dream is to help as many pets and their people as possible all over the world and the way that we can make that happen is by helping consultants like you achieve your goals. Our Pet Harmony Mentorship Program is a great option for people who want to become behavior consultants but we wanted to have a special program for people who are already consulting and have a thirst for learning more and growing (like we do!) That’s where Pro Campus comes in.


What to expect

Pro Campus members start by figuring out what where they are within our Success Path:

  • Stage 1: Transitioning From Trainer to Consultant
  • Stage 2: Starting Your Consulting Business
  • Stage 3: Expanding Your Case Types
  • Stage 4: Becoming Certified
  • Stage 5: Expanding Your Reach
  • Stage 6: Another Species

Each stage has exclusive core content along with a clear path to get to the next stage. You’ll also be able to team up with other members to help keep your accountable and work through content together.


Additionally, each week Emily or Allie will host trainings related to the following categories:

  • Week 1: Training Challenge for Skill-Building
  • Week 2: Live Q&A
  • Week 3: Training, Behavior, and Consulting Topics
  • Week 4: Case Study
  • Week 5: Critical Thinking Skills: Logical Fallacies and Critical Analysis

Those in the group know that we sometimes do free giveaways, contests, and provide additional resources in addition to what we have listed above! 

In addition to the training we provide, a large part of this group is based on community. Pro Campus is a place for you to safely ask questions, ask for second opinions, and find other consultants whom you trust to refer clients to. It’s a place for you to share your successes and for people to celebrate with you. It is not, however, a place to complain or put down clients or other trainers. LIMA-friendly applies to all species. 


Requirements to join

We’re pretty chill; if you’re ready to grow and learn with an open mind, then we are ready to welcome you. One thing to know before you join, however, is that our training philosophy is deeply rooted in LIMA practices; applied to human and non-human learners alike. That means we will not advocate training recommendations utilizing pain, fear, force, or intimidation. If we see those recommendations we will use that as a teaching opportunity because, after all, the whole point of the group is to learn and grow! But, if we see flagrant disregard for LIMA practices in relation to animals, clients, or in how members treat one another then we will privately discuss if this group is the right fit for you. 


How to join

Ready to help more pets and make more money? Join us here: