Direct Training Services

Quick Facts:
  • Limited to certain issues (list below)
  • In your house; travel radius applies
  • Currently an Illinois only service
  • New clients: $300/package: includes initial consultation and meet & greet, 3 direct train sessions, 1 transfer session
  • Pet Harmony clients who’ve had a service in the last month:  $20 Meet & Greet (required for clients new to direct training), $50 direct train session, $75 transfer session.
  • Species limited depending on trainer availability 
  • Payment accepted: Venmo preferred (Pet-Harmony-Training), PayPal ([email protected]), or credit card

Do you feel overwhelmed about teaching your pet new skills? Maybe you feel too busy or like your training skills aren’t up to snuff. In that case, direct training services might be for you! 

Direct trains are where we come to your home and train your pet ourselves. This allows your dog to learn skills from someone who is skilled at training which often decreases the learning time. We then show you how to continue working on those skills and employ them in daily life during the transfer session. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if a trainer can get your dog to perform a behavior– it matters if you can do it!  

These work like a dog walker or a pet sitter: instead of arriving and leaving at a scheduled time, we plan our routes based on where our appointments are that day and do them consecutively. Your trainer will let you know the approximate window that you’ll be seen in and on what days. 

Direct trains are ideal for:

  • Existing clients who want help working on specific aspects of their training plan.
  • Anyone who wants help proofing their pet’s basic manners.
  • Anyone who wants help teaching their pet cooperative care for vet or groomer visits.
  • Anyone who wants help providing their pet with mental exercise during the day. 

The issues we can address are dependent on the trainers we have available. We typically have availability for:

  • Puppy socialization
  • Basic Manners: name, sit, down, come, stay, leave it, etc.
  • Impulse control: jumping, greeting manners
  • Mental stimulation
  • Trick training
  • Leash reactivity

We may have additional availability for other issues for current Pet Harmony clients. Please ask your regular consultant for more information. Serious reactivity and aggression cases are often not eligible for these services unless your regular consultant clears your pet for them. 

What to expect: Booking a session

If you’re ready to book email us at [email protected] with what you’re looking for help with. We will then connect you with the trainer(s) you will be working with to set up a schedule directly with them. Once we’ve settled on a date, we will send you some paperwork to fill out online before we meet. It will come with instructions on how to fill it out.

What to expect: The Initial Consultation (new clients only)

Initial consults usually last about 1.5 hours, and is predominantly a lot of talking. We will discuss the information you provide in your paperwork. Your consultant may have follow-up questions based on that information. Then we will discuss the causes of the behavior issues, how we might address them, and why those strategies work. During that discussion we will decide together on a plan of action, and we’ll start practicing some of those skills together so you feel confident in how to implement the plan before we leave. We email your training plan to you afterwards so you know exactly how to work through the steps to help your pet. 

There may be multiple trainers who attend your initial consultation; these are all the people that will be performing the direct training sessions under the guidance of your primary consultant. They will be there to meet you, meet your pet, and get your instructions on how to enter the house for their sessions.  

What to expect: Meet-and-greet sessions (current clients only)

Current clients who are new to direct training services will be required to have a meet-and-greet session (may be tacked on to the end of a regular session). This allows all of the trainers who will be performing direct training sessions to meet you, meet your pet, and get your instructions on how to enter the house for their sessions. This will only be waived if your primary consultant is the only person who will be performing direct training sessions. 

What to expect: Direct train sessions

These sessions include a trainer working with your dog through their training plan and are typically about 1 hour. You do not need to be home during these sessions. If it’s appropriate for your dog and the situation, the trainer will let your dog out to potty before and/or after working with them. Your trainer will also leave notes for you as to how their session went. Our direct train trainers will typically not be able to answer questions about your training plan during these sessions if you are home and will direct you to your primary consultant for questions. 

What to expect: Transfer sessions

These sessions allow your trainers to transfer the skills your pet has learned during their direct train sessions to you so you can replicate those exercises. It doesn’t matter if your pet has learned something if you can’t utilize it! Current clients may do their transfer session as a regular in-home or remote consultation.