Collaborative Consultations

Quick Facts:
  • Can address any issue
  • Video chat through Zoom
  • $100/hr, 10% travel-free discount
    • $100 initial consultation *waived for clients seeing a Veterinary Behaviorist
    • Follow-up in-person session fees set by the collaborating trainer
    • $100 Zoom follow-ups as needed
  • Available for all species
  • Payment accepted: Venmo preferred, PayPal ([email protected]), or credit card

You want to work with a Pet Harmony consultant, but you’re outside of our service area and you strongly prefer to meet with someone in-person. Collaborative Consultations could be the solution for you! If you live in an area where Pet Harmony has colleagues who are willing and able to do Collaborative Consultations with us, we can work together as a team to meet your needs.

What to expect

In most regards, a Collaborative Consultation works like a Remote Consultation, so you can click on this link to learn more about how they work.

The difference is that we will include one of our partnering colleagues who services your area in the initial remote session. When the session is done, we’ll send your training plan to both you and our colleague. Then, you will contact them directly to set up in-person sessions with them so they can help you work through the training plan.

If you and our colleague need more help – either with troubleshooting the existing training plan or moving onto the next phase in training – we will set up a remote follow-up session to help you move through the training plan. We can schedule as many of these follow-up sessions as needed to help you and your trainer reach our training goals.

Areas we currently have colleagues for Collaborative Consults

  • Utah County, Utah
  • Summit County, Utah
  • Davis County, Utah

If you don’t see your area here but you’d like to set up a Collaborative Consult, let us know and we’ll try to connect with someone in your area to see if they’d be willing to work with us!