Intensive: Remote Initial Consultation Package


1 on 1 personalized help from our certified trainers and consultants without having to change out of your PJs. Ideal for folks outside of our travel radius, animals who would not be able to learn well with a stranger in the house, and separation-related issues.

Follow-ups must be completed within 90 days of your initial consultation.

*** Please see Consultant Recommendations below to ensure you choose a consultant who is qualified to handle your case ***


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Quick Facts:

  • 90-minute initial consultation video chat through Zoom, 12 60-minute follow-ups through Zoom to be completed within 90 days of your initial consultation, + 3 months of Pet Harmony Community Campus
  • Initial Consultation Packages are required for any person who has not worked with us for this particular animal before
  • Can address any issue
  • Available for all species
  • Click here for more information about remote consultations, and here for information about why we don’t need to see the problem behavior in action to help you

Consultant Recommendations:

The following consultants have additional certifications which make them ideal for certain cases:

  • Separation-related issues: Ellen
  • Resource guarding: Sarah

By Species:

  • Dogs: Allie, Corinne, Ellen, Emily, Sarah
  • Cats: Allie, Emily
  • Birds: Ellen, Emily

By behavior cases (I.E. maladaptive behaviors) vs. training cases:

  • All behavior cases (however, we will recommend another consultant if we think someone else is a better fit): Allie, Ellen, Emily, Sarah
  • Barking, lunging, growling (no nipping or biting) at other dogs while on leash (not in the house) or at people on leash or in the home: Corinne
  • Training cases, including puppies, basic manners, loose leash walking, attention-seeking behaviors, etc.: Corinne, Allie, Ellen, Sarah







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