IL: Intensive In-Home Initial Consultation Package


1 on 1 personalized help from our certified trainers and consultants.

Follow-ups must be completed within 90 days of your initial consultation.

*** Please see Consultant Recommendations below to ensure you choose a consultant who is qualified to handle your case ***


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Quick Facts:

  • 90-minute in-person consultation in your home or an agreed-upon public space (travel radius applies), 11 60-minute follow-up sessions to be completed within 90 days of your initial consultation, + 3 months Pet Harmony Community Campus
  • Initial consultations are required for any person who has not worked with us for this particular animal before
  • Can address any issue
  • Species availability depends on consultant
  • Click here for more information about in-person sessions

Consultant Recommendations:

If you are outside of our travel radius or have a case that our in-person consultants are not qualified to handle, schedule a Remote Consultation, which has the same success rate as our in-person sessions. Click here for why we don’t need to see the behavior to help you.

Our remote consultants can handle more complicated cases than our in-person consultants at this time.


The following consultants have additional certifications which make them ideal for certain cases:

  • Dog & baby, toddler, and child issues: MaryKaye
  • Separation-related issues: Ellen via remote sessions (which actually work better for separation-related issues than in-person sessions do!)

IL travel radius:


By Species:

  • Dogs: Corinne, MaryKaye

By behavior cases (I.E. maladaptive behaviors) vs. training cases:

  • All behavior cases, however, bites resulting in medical attention or face bites without medical attention will be taken on a case-by-case basis and you may be referred to one of our remote consultants: MaryKaye
  • Barking, lunging, growling (no nipping or biting) at other dogs on leash or at people on leash or in the home: Corinne, MaryKaye
  • Training cases, including puppies, basic manners, loose leash walking, attention-seeking behaviors, etc.: Corinne, MaryKaye







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