Liz Strong, Reception

My full name is Marie Elizabeth Strong; but most people call me Liz or Elizabeth. I was born and raised in Corpus Christi Texas, then moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas. I graduated with a degree in Special Education with an emphasis in speech and language learning difficulties. I met my husband at UT and we married in 1977. We have four children (Emily is our first born!), and four grandchildren. We moved to the DFW area in 2014 for work.

Over the years I taught (both in a school and by homeschooling our children) and worked part-time in various areas including: retail, pharmacist assistant, and receptionist. For 8 years I worked as the Office Manager of our church in Austin and for the past 7 years as an Administrative Assistant at a church in Dallas. I also volunteered at a couple of non-profit organizations in various capacities.

I have always loved animals! We had quite a variety of pets while our children were growing up including a large avairy of exotic birds which was a lot of fun! It taught all of us how to raise birds from hatchlings. Currently, we have two small dogs… a Chiweenie named Mia and a Chug named Piper. They are both hilarious!

I am so blessed and excited to share Pet Harmony’s journey!