Session 3 – Topics and Resources

Preparing for Session 3:

  1. Review the Threshold Handout
  2. Bring with you copies (paper or digital). We will review them during Session 3.
      1. Ladder of Escalation
      2. Ladder of De-Escalation

Session 3 Topics:

  1. Ladders of Escalation/De-Escalation
    1. What do we mean? Why does it matter? How do we use that information?
    2. Questions and discussion
    3. Work on worksheets where applicable
  2. Trigger Stacking
    1. What do we mean?
    2. Are there other things contributing to your dog’s stress?
  3. Vet Behaviorists
    1. Why they are different, what they can do, how they can help
    2. 3 considerations for medication
  4. Practicing De-Escalation
    1. Settle on a spot