Hands-on Instructions for Unit 1.1

For the hands-on portion of this unit, do the best you can given pandemic restrictions. If you can’t do everything, that’s ok! We’ll just keep moving through the program and circle back to it whenever you’re able to.

Here are the instructions for completing the hands-on tasks:

  • Find at least one location that has multiple dogs. Possible locations include: friend/family homes, shelters, dog daycare facilities, dog parks, farms, and rescue groups.
    • Ideally, find at least one dog that you would be able to work with throughout at least the first two phases of the program as a project dog. But if that’s not possible, that’s ok!
  • Spend time with and/or volunteer at those locations.
  • Practice basic care of the animals you work with: feeding, cleaning, exercise, enrichment. Observe their body language throughout your interactions.