Hands-On Instructions for Unit 1.2

For the hands-on portion of this unit, do the best you can given pandemic restrictions. If you can’t do everything, that’s ok! We’ll just keep moving through the program and circle back to it whenever you’re able to.

Here are the instructions for completing the hands-on tasks:

  • Continue working or volunteering wherever you have been to get hands-on experience.
  • Continue working with your project dog.
  • Either attend the monthly training mechanics games or watch the recordings (or both!) and practice the training mechanics games to hone your skills. This is an ongoing opportunity that you are welcome to continue participating in as long as you’re in the program.
  • If you’re not already shadowing group classes somewhere, and you are interested in teaching group classes someday, start looking for a place that will let you shadow. If you already have experience assisting or leading group classes, this part isn’t necessary.
  • As you go about your animal care tasks and shadow opportunities, practice identifying overt behaviors and ABCs in real time.
  • When approved by your mentor and the facility where you’re assisting in playdates/ playgroups, begin leading playdates/ playgroups.