Facebook Group

All RBS Program participants get 3 months of access to our Pet Harmony Community Campus.

Join the Pet Harmony Community Campus Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/petharmonycommunitycampus 

You can find the full Pet Harmony Community Campus Calendar here: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/[email protected]&ctz=America/Denver&fbclid=IwAR321Sh3i9g2AbGaYAFe8hFCgmoweYieaRggin-zhPHG7mpLfn3XhFohRvE 

In Pet Harmony Community Campus, we offer 5 30-minute check-ins a week. You can drop by to ask your questions, get help troubleshooting or get clarification. The topics are guidelines. If you have a different question, come by anyway!:

  • Body Language and Management troubleshooting
  • Enrichment troubleshooting
  • Live practice
  • General check-in
  • Q&A

On top of the check-ins, we also host:

  • Weekly Zoom office hours with Pet Harmony Behavior Consultants to discuss your training progress, troubleshooting/ brainstorming sessions, morale check-ins, or whatever else you want to chat about. Recordings will be available in the FB group after the fact for anyone who couldn’t attend the live session.
  • Periodic FB Lives to discuss specific topics that members request.
  • Training mechanics virtual parties where we all learn how to play training games at home that help us to become better at various aspects of training.
  • Accountabilibuddy groups for people who are working on similar training plans for similar behavior issues, for morale and support.