Overcome Pet-Related Stressors and Enjoy Your Holiday Season to the Fullest

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this webinar is perfect for you if…

✅ You need help managing your pet’s stress and unwanted behaviors that come hand-in-hand with the holidays

You could benefit from a custom strategy that addresses the needs of your pet AND household during the busiest time of year

✅ You’re ready to enjoy every holiday season moving forward without worrying about your pet’s comfort, security, or unwanted behaviors

Register for our LIVE webinar on November 15th at 5:30 pm PST/ 7:30 pm CST to make the most of your end-of-year plans!

we see you, we hear you, & we’ve got it handled

What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About the Holidays

If you struggle with getting your household in order during the holidays—especially when it comes to balancing the needs of your pets and your family—you are far from alone!

As wonderful as the holiday season can be, it can be just as stressful because it disrupts your regular routine, which impacts every person (and critter) under your roof. The season often comes with people and places that your pet has never dealt with or does not deal with often. To top it all off, it tends to cut into your pet’s training schedule and can delay your training goals if you didn’t account for the time off up front. 

But never fear! We’re here to set you up for success well before winter break hits. That way, you can spend less time stressing and more time savoring the most joyful time of the year.


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it’s not too late to change your approach to the holidays

Join our Webinar and Walk Away Knowing How to...

Plan for and navigate the stressors, expectations, and uncertainties that come with the holiday season

Create a strategy to balance the needs of your pet and your household during the busiest time of the year

Increase your ability to gauge and monitor your pet’s emotional state so you can make decisions accordingly

“I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with you [Tracy] to learn more skills on how to be the best dog parent [my dog] could have… Progress isn’t linear for him (or anyone really), but it is happening… Thank you again for your help!”


minimize stress & truly enjoy the holiday season

For Only $17, You Can Learn the Art of...

***Note: This webinar has passed. Stay tuned for future Pet Harmony webinars!

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expertise & experience you can trust

Meet Tracy Harachi

Tracy Harachi
(she/her/hers), CPDT-KA, CCFT, FMT is a dog trainer and behavior consultant with Pet Harmony.  She loves problem solving and identifying strategies to support pet parents and their dogs to have a mutually satisfying life together.

After many years focused on improving the well-being of children and families through evidence-based interventions, including in Cambodia, Tracy began volunteering at an animal sanctuary which housed over 500 dogs in Thailand. She expanded her knowledge of learning and behavior change among people to the science behind training and behavior now focused on dogs after reigniting her love for animals at a municipal shelter in the Pacific NW.

Tracy graduated with a Master’s in Social Work and PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Washington.  She is a certified professional dog trainer-knowledge assessed (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer through the University of Tennessee and a Fitpaws Master Trainer.

Here's How You and Your Pet Can Enjoy the Holidays

say goodbye to…

Winging your holiday plans and hoping for the best

Having a reactive instead of proactive approach to navigating the seasonal changes that affect your entire household

Not knowing what to account for or address when making pet-specific plans for the holiday season

and say hello to…

Creating informed strategies that address the unique needs of your pet and the people you live with

Having the tools and knowledge you need to manage seasonal changes proactively and effectively

Knowing exactly what to account for in your holiday plans to set your pet up for a successful holiday season

***Note: This webinar has passed. Stay tuned for future Pet Harmony webinars!


Date: November 15, 2023

Time: 5:30 pm PST/ 7:30 pm CST

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Yep! All registered attendees will receive access to the recording via email. 

“We signed up for one session with Pet Harmony trainer, Tracy Harachi, and got so much more help with our puppy than we expected! Although we’ve raised dogs for forty years, Tracy taught us new, effective training techniques. She was incredibly generous with her time and expertise. Our experience with her was a pleasure in every way. Pet Harmony continues to support us with regular training tips and advice. I highly recommend their service.”

your best holiday season yet is only one webinar away

Join us LIVE to Make the Most of Every Holiday Season to Come

Date: November 15, 2023

Time: 5:30 pm PST/ 7:30 pm CST

***Note: This webinar has passed. Stay tuned for future Pet Harmony webinars!

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