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Our 2019 workshop may be over, but it was such a huge success that we’ve decided to offer this workshop again next year!


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We want to help you:

– Identify your enrichment goals so you can better meet them

– Realize what you’re already crushing and where you can improve

– Ensure that your enrichment activities are tailored to the individual in front of you

– Potentially save time & money on activities and products that don’t work for your dog

– Live more harmoniously with your pet!

Our free workshop will help you do all this!

Who we are:

Hi! We’re Allie Bender & Emily Strong. We wrote Canine Enrichment for the Real World and co-own Pet Harmony animal behavior & training. We LOVE enrichment and love helping people improve their relationship with their pets through enrichment. 

We’re bang-for-your-buck, work-smarter-not-harder people. If there’s a simple way to help you and your pet meet your goals and needs, that’s what we’ll recommend. We’re not about convoluted or complex exercises. We want to help you create an enrichment plan that meets your goals, your dogs needs, stays within your budget, and is sustainable with your lifestyle. If it doesn’t meet those criteria, it’s not an effective plan in our book. 

We’re excited to get to know you! 

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