Dog to Dog Aggression & Prey Drive

Quick Facts:
  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression and Prey Drive Immersive Digital Course
  • Starts Sept 2nd, meets Sundays and Wednesdays at 6p MST for 20 sessions
  • Video chat through Zoom. Recording available after live sessions.
  • Course fee:
    • Students: $400
    • Auditors: $200
  • Dog-focused but applicable to all species
  • Payment accepted: Venmo preferred (Pet-Harmony-Training), PayPal ([email protected]), or credit card

Living with dogs who don’t get along with each other, your pets, or other animals in your environment can be stressful, scary, and sometimes even expensive. Whether you’re dealing with dogs who don’t get along with each other or your other pets, or you’re afraid to take your dog outside because they’ll pull you off your feet if they see another animal while out on walks, these behaviors can seem like insurmountable problems. 

It can be overwhelming to consider taking on a big thing like modifying your pet’s behavior by yourself. But you don’t need to; we can help. Our Dog-to-Dog Aggression and Prey Drive Immersive Digital Course allows you to work with a certified behavior consultant every step along the way but with the benefit of group pricing. Each course has 8 client spots and an unlimited number of auditor spots. We’ll discuss the contributing factors to these maladaptive behaviors, demystify the frequently overhyped notion of “prey drive”, and will systematically work through these behavior issues with the client-attendees while auditors get to sit in on the process. Even though this course will be dog-centric since most of our attendees are dog owners, we’ll be addressing these issues for all species of companion animals, so any type of pet owner is welcome and encouraged to sign up! 

Don’t wait until your pet’s behavior gets worse and more challenging to address it. This course starts on September 2nd and we will meet on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6p MST for a total of 20 sessions. And, like all of our IDCs, the recordings and resources will be made available after each live session has ended. Client spots are available for $400 and auditor spots are available for $200. For more information about IDCs, click here. To register for this course, email [email protected]