Your behavior modification journey doesn’t have to be lonely. It doesn’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Community Campus is here to help. 

Community Campus will:

  • Teach you the skills you need to succeed with your behavior modification plan in an actionable, bite-sized way
  • Provide you more consistent support without breaking the bank
  • Connect you with other pet parents going through what you’re going through
  • Tap into the power of social learning
  • Help you move through your behavior modification plan more quickly and effectively than private sessions alone

What You Get

Joining Community Campus gives you exclusive access to:

  • Our entire team
  • Our Community Campus actionable resources
  • Weekly office hours from our consultants
  • Monthly training mechanics parties
  • The Community Campus Facebook group with other pet parents who get it
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Your Journey to Success

This Success Path is designed to help you learn the necessary skills to work through your behavior modification plan in a confident and competent way. 


Stage 1: Body Language & Behavior Observation

Stage 2: Management

Stage 3: Enrichment & Agency

Stage 4: Foundation Skills for You & Your Dog

Stage 5: Behavior Modification Techniques


Each stage has exclusive Community Campus content along with a clear path to get to the next stage.

Why Community Campus

We’ve known for a long time that the conventional approach to animal behavior consulting isn’t as effective as it could be. We saw our clients struggling with follow-through and getting stuck and frustrated between sessions. We saw how much we were asking them to learn within each session and knew that it was too much, but didn’t have an alternative. 


So we started offering our Intensive Behavior Packages, where we touch base with our clients 5 days a week for a month. And–wow! We knew that this would be a more effective approach but we still were amazed by how quickly these clients were progressing in comparison. 


But, the problem was, 1-on-1 help 5 days per week is expensive. There needed to be a way for us to provide more consistent, frequent help for our clients without breaking the bank. And finally the answer came to us: Pet Harmony Community Campus. 


Community Campus allows us to work with our clients as much as they need but in a more affordable way. It allows us to break down a behavior modification plan even further, into even smaller, more manageable, more focused actionable steps. And, it allows us to connect our clients together for that much needed sense of community that is so impactful throughout this journey. 

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